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Felton To Return; Line To Injured Reserve

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Jerome Felton's three-game suspension came to an end as soon as the final gun sounded on Sunday afternoon at the Metrodome, and the Minnesota Vikings have cleared space for his return by placing rookie Zach Line on injured reserve with a knee injury.

Now, as Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune pointed out in his post on this topic, Line's injury was so serious that Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier didn't even mention it during his Monday press conference. I'm not sure how, exactly, Line got injured, but I have to imagine that it went something like this.

Except, you know, his leg. Al Czervik didn't hurt his leg, so there's no corresponding Caddyshack joke.

Line made the team out of training camp as a fullback, and I'm not sure that he would have made it had it not been for Felton's suspension. He's been up-and-down, performance-wise, so far this season, but the Vikings clearly think he has a future. This is a way to keep him around, if nothing else.