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Norse Code Podcast: Episode #011—Week 3 (Browns) Review, Around the NFL

Another Episode of Norse Code is up and running. In this edition, we'll talk about the Cleveland Browns and some notes from around the league.

Hello all you DNers! To kick off your Thursday, we've got another episode of Norse Code ready to go.

Episode Notes:

  • I've decided to turn my Adrian Peterson breakdown in another article by itself instead of breaking it down here.
  • If you wanted to look at the article I mentioned about the agony of passing down Vikings fanhood down to your progeny, it's titled the Lunacy of Fandom: They Killed Our Fathers and Now the Sons of Bitches Are Coming to Get Us—it was linked here before, but it is a phenomenal read. I highly recommend it.
  • The Jordan Cameron TD is below, and fairly simple

Drawn Up!

There are admittedly a lot of things I drew in that picture, so bear with me. The defense fakes sending seven and covering with four. With that are "green dog" read on the running back in case he releases into a route, and probably a "green dog" read on the tight end, too. That simply means that if the running back and/or tight end stays in protection, then the player assigned to cover him will rush the passer.

Erin Henderson doesn't look like he has a read and fakes rushing the passer in order to make sure the center isn't sliding over to block anyone before he drops into his zone. He will eventually play underneath Davone Bess, who is covered by Josh Robinson in the outside slot.

Marcus Sherels is on Josh Gordon in the inside slot, and Xavier Rhodes has man coverage on Greg Little on the outside.

Harrison Smith has man coverage on the tight end, naturally. Jordan Cameron shoots out in a poorly executed chip/fake block and then fakes a move inside before continuing with his fade route (which could have been a corner route against zone coverage).

Rushing the passer are Jared Allen, Chad Greenway, Everson Griffen, Kevin Williams, Andrew Sendejo and Brian Robison. Allen creates a difficult passing window by clogging the passing lane to Cameron, but Hoyer makes the throw anyway.



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