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Fantasy Football: Which Vikings Should You Play In Week One?

If you have this guy on your fantasy team, DON'T BENCH HIM. Wow. . .this fantasy stuff is easy.
If you have this guy on your fantasy team, DON'T BENCH HIM. Wow. . .this fantasy stuff is easy.
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

If you're reading this website and you're in a fantasy football league, the odds are pretty good that you probably have some members of the Minnesota Vikings. Some of you may have an inordinately high number of Vikings on your team. . .I can't help you with that here. What I can do, however, is give you some advice on which members of the Minnesota Vikings it would behoove you to have in your starting lineup for this week when the purple and gold heads to the Motor City to take on the Detroit Lions.

We'll give you three Vikings to start and three Vikings to avoid for this week's match-up.

Vikings to Start

Adrian Peterson, RB - Look, seriously, don't make me explain this one. I really shouldn't have to, should I? Okay. . .Adrian Peterson is really, really, really, really, really good, and if you don't start him every week that he's healthy, then fantasy football probably isn't for you anyway.

Greg Jennings, WR - As it stands now, the Lions' top two cornerbacks look to be veteran Chris Houston and rookie Darius Slay. Just between you, me, and the monitor, I'm not sure if either one of those guys can handle Jennings. The veteran should see a lot of single coverage in his Minnesota debut with the Lions having to devote extra attention to Peterson, and he should be able to take advantage of that. He's obviously not going to be your #1 wide receiving option, but he should merit a #2 WR or flex spot.

Kyle Rudolph, TE - As we saw all last year, when the Vikings get into the red zone, the first guy that Christian Ponder looks for is Rudolph. We know he has a huge catch radius and giant hands, and he and Ponder have really developed a decent chemistry over their first two years in the league. Rudolph is looking to make the jump into the top group of tight ends. . .if he isn't there already. . .and he could get started doing that this Sunday.

Vikings to Avoid

Christian Ponder, QB - Yes, I know that I'm one of about five people left on the planet that doesn't think Ponder is completely worthless. But I want to see him get off to a good start before I start giving him any sort of recommendations for fantasy ball. Besides, it's not like anyone actually drafted the guy or anything, right?

looks around suspiciously

Any Vikings receiver not named Greg Jennings - As goes Ponder, so go the rest of the Vikings receivers. If your league counts return yardage, Cordarrelle Patterson might merit a look, but for now I'd avoid the Jarius Wrights and Jerome Simpsons of the roster until we see exactly what the passing game is going to bring.

Vikings defense - Yes, I think the Vikings are going to have plenty of opportunities to knock Matthew Stafford around, as Detroit's offensive line is still suspect. But Calvin Johnson is still lurking out there, and the Lions can rack up yards in bunches. If they manage to turn those yards into points. . .well, you're not going to want the Minnesota defense in your lineup, I don't think.

Those are my takes on the Minnesota Vikings as it relates to Week One of the Fantasy Football season. What are your thoughts, folks?