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2013 NFL Kickoff Game Open Thread

Rob Carr

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. . .FOOTBALL. IS. BACK.

Yes, it's obviously not as cool as Minnesota Vikings football. . .because, really, what is. . .but it will serve as a nice appetizer leading up to this Sunday's slate of NFL action.

In one corner, we have the defending World Champions, the Baltimore Ravens. In the other corner, we have the team that had the best record in the AFC last season, the Denver Broncos. The Ravens beat the Broncos in Denver in double overtime en route to the Super Bowl last year. The reason that the Ravens are playing this game on the road rather than at home (like every defending champion for about the past decade) has to do with a scheduling conflict with baseball's Baltimore Orioles.

If you're going to be watching the game this evening, feel free to hang out here and watch it with your fellow Minnesota Vikings' fans. It should be a pretty good one.