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Norse Code Podcast: Episode #008 (Part Two)—Lions Preview

The thrilling conclusion of the eighth episode of the Norse Code podcast!

Welcome to the second half of the eighth episode Norse Code podcast, something you evidently want to listen to still.

In this episode, interim host James Pogatshnik and regular co-host Arif Hasan discuss the upcoming game against the Lions, Antoine Winfield and finish with wildly irresponsible prognostications. Also, I accuse James of killing Dusty.

Episode Notes:

  • This is a list of 87 linebackers who have played in at least 100 games since the NFL started "officially" recording tackles in 2001 that have had fewer tackles than Antoine Winfield, sorted by games started.
  • Here is a list of defensive backs since 2001 that have had more tackles than Antoine Winfield. Spoiler alert: no one is on the list.
  • Per unofficial tackle lists, Winfield ranks third all-time in tackle totals among cornerbacks (Rod Woodson and Kevin Ross only achieved higher tackle totals when switching to safety).
  • Here's my discussion of the Wide 9, which is fairly lengthy.