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2014 NFL Draft

This is where we look at the 2014 NFL Draft and, more specifically, how it affects the Minnesota Vikings.

2014 NFL Draft: Vikings Draftees Choose Numbers

The first rookie camp is underway, and the Vikings' draftees have chosen their numbers.

Vikings Sign David Yankey

The fifth-round pick out of Stanford is the Vikings' first draftee to sign a contract.

Best And Worst Case For Each Vikings Draft Pick

Daily Norseman looks at all ten 2014 Vikings draft picks and evaluates the best and worst possible outcomes for each player.

How Far Have The Vikings' Rookies Come?

We jump into the Wayback Machine and take a look at how the Vikings' draft class of 2014 was thought of during their high school years.

Which Vikings Rookies Will Have The Most Impact?

We're all excited about the Minnesota Vikings' rookie class. But which of the new faces will have the greatest impact on the team's 2014 season?

Vikings Waive Four Players, Sign UDFAs

The Vikings had a busy day of personnel moves.

Teddy Bridgewater and the Cleveland Browns?

Were the Cleveland Browns also interested in Teddy Bridgewater?

Peter King Clarifies What Happened On Draft Night

How did the Browns wind up with Johnny Manziel? Did the Vikings really get "outbid?" Let's find out.

Peter King Wants To Watch The World Burn

And by 'world', I mean message boards and fan based Internet communities. No, I don't know why.

Stock Market Report: Vikings Draft

Let's take one last look back at a wild weekend for the Vikings

Could Teddy Bridgewater Start Right Away?

That plan to have the Vikings' new rookie quarterback sit for a year before becoming the starter? Yeah. . .might want to write that in pencil as opposed to pen.

Podcast Episode #034: Recapping the Draft

Dusty and Arif recap the draft! If you haven't heard anything about the draft, it will be refreshing. Otherwise, it will be like most of these podcasts, where we try to add something to new hashed out discussions.

2014 NFL Draft Grades: How Did The Vikings Do?

We won't be grading the 2014 draft, but a lot of other folks have decided to. What do they have to say?

Bayless Goes Full Bayless On Bridgewater

You should never, ever, go full Bayless.

Richardson Highlights Vikings UDFA Signings

The Minnesota Vikings came to terms with fifteen undrafted free agents in the wake of the 2014 NFL Draft on Saturday.

Minnesota Vikings Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

Now that the 2014 NFL Draft is officially in the books, we will be trying to get a handle on which undrafted free agents the Minnesota Vikings are signing.

What Does Shamar Stephens Provide To the Vikings D

Shamar Stephens played a pass-rushing tackle role with Connecticut, but may project to a nose tackle role in the NFL.

2014 NFL Draft: Vikings Select Jabari Price

The Minnesota Vikings continue to load up on late round defensive backs, spending their final pick on a North Carolina product.

2014 NFL Draft: Vikings Select Brandon Watts

Defense continues to be the name of the game for the Vikings, as they've added to the linebacker corps.

2014 NFL Draft: Vikings Select Shamar Stephen

The Vikings continue their focus on defense, grabbing a big defensive tackle from Connecticut.

2014 NFL Draft: Day Three Open Thread #3

The 2014 NFL Draft is winding down. Who else will the Minnesota Vikings select?

Minnesota Grabs Kendall James—FCS Sleeper to Watch

Minnesota clearly places a ton of value on fluidity and athleticism, as they grab another transition-smart CB with special teams upside.

Vikings Pick Antone Exum—How Does He Help the D?

Safety/Cornerback Antone Exum from Virginia Tech is the newest Minnesota Viking. What can he do to help the defense? Hit.

2014 NFL Draft: Vikings Select Kendall James

The Vikings have used consecutive picks on the defensive secondary, this time tabbing a small school player from the Northeast.

2014 NFL Draft: Vikings Select Antone Exum

The Minnesota Vikings spend back-to-back picks on the secondary, as they go for a small school player from the northeast.

2014 NFL Draft: Vikings Trade With Falcons

The Minnesota Vikings have moved down once again, this time with the Atlanta Falcons.

Vikings Steal David Yankey: What Does He Bring?

The Minnesota Vikings grab a player rated highly on most boards as a 2-3rd round pick in the fifth round. But what does he bring to the offense?

2014 NFL Draft: Day Three Open Thread #2

We are continuing to roll through the final day of the 2014 NFL Draft, everyone!

2014 NFL Draft: Vikings Make Another Trade

Rick Spielman is at it once more, as the Minnesota Vikings have made another move.

2014 NFL Draft: Vikings Select David Yankey

The Minnesota Vikings have shifted focus to the offensive line with their first pick of the fifth round.

2014 NFL Draft: Day Three Open Thread #1

The final day of the 2014 NFL Draft is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. Come discuss everything about the last day of this year's selection process right here.

2014 NFL Draft: Day Three Broadcast Info and More

We've reached the final day of the 2014 NFL Draft. When are the Minnesota Vikings slated to pick?

Spielman Discusses Day 2 Of The Draft

The Vikings GM discusses the two additions the team made on Friday: Scott Crichton and Jerick McKinnon.

Jerick McKinnon: Project RB—What Can He Do for MIN

After one of the best performances at the combine, former quarterback Jerick McKinnon will probably play running back for the Vikings and do it with a lot of potential

2014 NFL Draft: Vikings Select Jerick McKinnon

With their last pick on Friday, the Minnesota Vikings came up with a bit of a surprise, taking a small school. . .running back? Let's call him a running back. For now.

Meet Your Newest Minnesota Viking: Scott Crichton

Talking with DE Scott Crichton about getting selected by the Minnesota Vikings with the 72nd overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.