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2014 NFL Draft

This is where we look at the 2014 NFL Draft and, more specifically, how it affects the Minnesota Vikings.

SB Nation Mock Draft: Vikings Go Crazy

The Vikings do a significant amount of moving in the latest SB Nation Mock Draft.

Vikings Recap: 2014 Mocking the Draft Live Draft

Vikings Recap: 2014 Mocking the Draft Live Draft

From Boom to Bust: Testing the Quarterback Metric

In the third installment of From Boom to Bust, the Daily Norseman runs the quarterback metric through the ringer to test it's accuracy in predicting successful and bust quarterbacks. As it turns out, this metric is better than a random guess.

Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Database v11.0

In what will likely be the final version of this year's Mock Draft Database, the man who was on top of our first version makes a dramatic climb to be king of the hill again.

Bridgewater Tops Community Quarterback Rankings

Over 1,700 readers made their voices heard in our Community Quarterback Rankings, and the name on top of the heap doesn't come as a terribly big surprise.

Vikings Daily Mock 5.2

Vikings Daily Mock 5.2

Vikings Get Hosed In Fake Drafts

Even in the really, really "mock" drafts, the Minnesota Vikings can't seem to get much respect.

Browner To Announce Vikings' Second Round Pick

For the second year in a row, the former Vikings' safety has been invited to New York to announce one of the team's draft picks.

Vikings' Recent First-Round Trades

The Minnesota Vikings have done their share of moving up and down in the first round of the draft over the past decade. How has it worked for them?

The Daily Norseman Community Quarterback Rankings

The Minnesota Vikings need a quarterback. We know this. Which one should they take? Well, let's talk about that.

2014 Daily Norseman Big Board, Spots 1-60

Our Big Board comes to a bit of a premature end, as we have our top 60 players in the 2014 NFL Draft.

NFL Mock Draft: Kiper, McShay Agree For Vikings

ESPN's two draft gurus have released new iterations of their mock drafts, and they both have the same player going to the Minnesota Vikings. (SPOILER: He's the guy in the picture there.)

Vikings "Clowney or Bust" Daily Mock 4.29

Vikings "Clowney or Bust" Daily Mock 4.29

Making The Case: Blake Bortles

Today our Making the Case series looks at the guy many people think is the top rated quarterback in the draft, and could be a perfect fit for the NORV! Turner offense

2014 Daily Norseman Big Board: Spots 56-60

We're changing things up a bit from here on out on the Big Board, as we'll be using a bit more leeway in adding players from here on out.

Vikings Daily Mock 4.27

Vikings Daily Mock 4.27

2014 Daily Norseman Big Board: Spots 51-55

We're past the halfway point on our Big Board, and we're moving on through to the second half!

Mayock: Bridgewater Not A First Rounder

The fall of Teddy Bridgewater continues, as one of our favorite analysts has declared that he's not worth a first-round draft choice.

Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Database v10.0

We're inching ever closer to the 2014 NFL Draft, and we've got another installment of our Mock Draft Database for your viewing pleasure!

ESPN Mock Draft: It's A QB Free Fall

ESPN draft insider Todd McShay is predicting a quarterback free fall. Who does he have the Vikings selecting?

2014 Daily Norseman Big Board: Spots 46-50

We're nearly to the halfway point of our big board, folks!

Vikings Daily Mock 4.23

Vikings Daily Mock 4.23

2014 Daily Norseman Big Board: Spots 41-45

We've already got enough players on our "Big Board" to make it through the Vikings' first two picks, and we're still rolling along.

Your Full List Of 2014 NFL Draft Attendees

A record 30 players will be in attendance at Radio City Music Hall this draft week.

2014 Daily Norseman Big Board: Spots 36-40

Much like Casey Kasem, we are about to bring you the Top 40.

A Look at the Vikings Quarterback Search

The Vikings have been connected to no less than thirteen quarterback prospects in this year's draft. But, which one will be drafted?

Why We Took Kyle Van Noy

We have made our second pick in the SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft, and we're turning our attention back to the defense.

Vikings Daily Mock 4.21

Vikings Daily Mock 4.21

2014 Daily Norseman Big Board: Spots 31-35

After a slight delay, we're back to rolling along on our 2014 Daily Norseman Big Board!

Vikings Daily Mock 4.20

Vikings Daily Mock 4.20

Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Database v9.0

A shorter, quicker update this week as the quarterbacks continue to dominate and the linebackers make a bit of a comeback.

2014 Daily Norseman Big Board: Spots 26-30

We're a quarter of the way through our 2014 Daily Norseman Big Board, folks. Let's keep it moving!

Vikings Daily Mock 4.17

Vikings Daily Mock 4.17

Making The Case: Darqueze Dennard

Even with a marquee cornerback signing during the early days of free agency, the Vikings still need players in the secondary. Darqueze Dennard meets that requirement

2014 Daily Norseman Big Board: Spots 21-25

We're moving right along with our Big Board, and are moving on to complete the first quarter of it.

2014 Daily Norseman Big Board: Spots 16-20

Fifteen spots have now been filled on our big board, and we're moving on to the next five spots!