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2014 Stock Market Report

Stock Market Report: Season In Review

We take stock of the stock market report, and tell you what's what. Take stock...stock market report...get it???

Stock Market Report: Bears

The Vikings ended the season on a high note, beating the happy go lucky Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears

Stock Market Report: Dolphins

Well, that was about as fun as walking into an ambush.

Stock Market Report: Lions

It was the best of games, it was the worst of games. It was the game of of wisdom, it was the game of foolishness, it was the game of belief, it was the game of incredulity. Or something.

Stock Market Report: Jets

Because ugly wins need love too.

Stock Market Report: Panthers

Ted is taking the week off from the SMR. Hopefully your Fearless Leader hasn't screwed it up too badly in his stead.

Stock Market Report: Packers

Hey, maybe things aren't going to be so bad after all.

Stock Market Report: Bears

Football is a terrible affliction

Stock Market Report: Redskins

A wild game that came down to another Teddy Bridgewater-engineered 4th quarter comeback results in a win for the good guys

Stock Market Report: First Half

We look at the Vikings halfway into the season

Stock Market Report: Buccaneers

It was a familiar script that played out in Raymond James Stadium. Until it wasn't.

Stock Market Report: Bills

The more things change, it seems, the more they stay the same.

Stock Market Report: Lions


Stock Market Report: Packers

This is where I put a teaser to try and make you read the article about last night's game. I can't come up with anything, but I hope you read it anyway

Stock Market Report: Falcons

Teddy Bridgewater had a coming out party, and it was a ball

Vikings at Saints: Stock Market Report

The end of one era means we begin a new one.

Patriots at Vikings: Stock Market Report

Some days you're the hammer, some days you're the nail.

Vikings At Rams: Stock Market Report

The Mike Zimmer era started off about as well as you could expect. Everything is pretty much a 'buy', and the beer has never tasted better than it has since 2009.

Stock Market Report: Titans

The Vikings beat the Titans 19-3 in their 4th Preseason game, improving their Preseason record to an undefeated 4-0. Are things looking up for our Minnesota Vikings?

Vikings at Chiefs: Stock Market Report

When you witness a 30-12 win, one tends to feel rather bullish about the Minnesota Vikings

Cardinals Stock Market Report

So, the Vikings still have quarterback issues, but they all seem to be awesome. This is weird.

Stock Market Report: Raiders

The Vikings topped the Raiders in a pre-season game that was sloppy, which we expe--SHUTUP AND TELL ME HOW TEDDY LOOKED

Stock Market Report: Training Camp

We wrap up the first four days with impressions, opinions, hints, and allegations. Okay, no allegations. But lots of the other stuff.