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Report: Minnesota Vikings Conclude "Search Portion" Of Coaching Hunt


EDIT: I was incorrect about when certain coaches can interview for coaching openings. My apologies for that. An explanation is in our latest update, which you can find right here.

Yesterday, I wondered whether or not Rick Spielman's "slow and steady" approach could potentially cost him the head coaching candidate that he desires the most. Apparently, he heard me.

(Actually, it's pretty likely that I didn't have anything to do with it.)

According to, the Minnesota Vikings have "concluded the search portion" of their coaching search, and there are three finalists. Two of them, as we've reported previously, are Cincinnati Bengals' defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and Arizona Cardinals' defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. The third finalist, according to Ian Rapoport, is Greg Roman, the offensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers.

The difficulty with this is that the team has not actually spoken with Roman yet, and will not be able to until at least Monday, pending the results of the 49ers' divisional playoff game against the Carolina Panthers. If the Niners lose, Roman will be available. If San Francisco goes into Carolina and wins, the team will not be able to speak with him until at least the day after the NFC Championship Game. If the Niners go to the Super Bowl, the Vikings would not be able to speak with him until the day after the season ends.

Apparently, we have our Top 3, ladies and gentlemen. I think that all three would be good choices. Personally, I think that Zimmer would be the top choice out of the three, but Roman is a very close second. Who would your pick be?