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Vikings To Become Much Tougher Ticket To Get

Hannah Foslien

If you were hoping to get single-game tickets for Minnesota Vikings' football for the two seasons that they'll be playing outdoors, you might have more trouble than you're anticipating.

The Minnesota Vikings have announced that they have finally figured out the seating arrangement for their transition to TCF Bank Stadium. It took the team fourteen months to figure out how they were going to make the transition from the 64,000-seat Metrodome to the 53,000-seat TCF Bank Stadium, but they have managed to account for and accommodate all of the team's season ticket holders.

The team says that season ticket renewal rates are progressing as expected, and that means that single-game tickets are going to be a little bit more scarce than Vikings fans might be used to.

"Right now it's full," LaCroix said of the seating. "So as far as everyone renews, then we'll have very few to minimal seats available on a game-by-game basis. But every sports team has some turnover, so we'll kind of manage that with new season ticket sales. There are other fans that want to come on board and be part of an outdoor experience in an improved stadium. So it's going to be a balance, but this is really Step 1 of a multi-step process."

That quote comes from Steve LaCroix, the team's Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer.

The team also said that 2013 season ticket holders will have a priority placement on the list for season tickets for the new stadium, whether they purchase season tickets for the two seasons at TCF Bank Stadium or not. However, from reading the story, it appears that those that do get season tickets in 2014 and/or 2015 will have the top priority on that list.

It's going to be a different experience for Vikings fans over the next couple of years, as the team plays its home games outdoors for the first time since 1981. Hopefully a lot of people will get an opportunity to experience it.