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Report: Vikings Interviewing Greg Roman Today In Charlotte


Yesterday, I erroneously stated that if the Minnesota Vikings were waiting to interview Greg Roman, the offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers, for their head coaching job, that they would have to wait until after the 49ers season concluded. Adam Schefter has proven me incorrect.

I had been of the impression that teams could not interview coaches until their season was over, with the exception of the teams that had a post-season bye. As it turns out, coaches on teams that won their divisional playoff games can interview through the end of the divisional round of the playoffs. The 49ers take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, so the Vikings' brass, led by Rick Spielman, is in Charlotte today to interview Roman. If the Niners make the Super Bowl (and the process continues to stretch out that far), the team can interview him again during the Open Week leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII.

So, that's why the Vikings are able to interview Greg Roman today. It is expected that the team will name their new head coach sometime next week.

My apologies for the error as far as to who can interview when. I think we finally have everything straightened out at this point.