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Bowles, Zimmer To Get Second Interviews With Vikings

Christian Petersen

It appears that a couple of the guys that were dubbed as finalists for the Minnesota Vikings' head coaching job are going to get another chance to impress Rick Spielman and company.

Numerous sources are reporting that both Todd Bowles, defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals, and Mike Zimmer, defensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals, will be getting second interviews with the team this week. Zimmer's interview is reportedly going to be "early next week," according to our friends from Cincy Jungle, while no date. . .firm or otherwise. . .has been floated for Bowles' potential second interview.

The third finalist is presumed to be San Francisco 49ers' offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Rick Spielman and company were in Charlotte today to interview him, the last day they could do so. If the Niners defeat the Carolina Panthers and advance in the post-season, the Vikings wouldn't be able to interview him again until the week before the Super Bowl. If the Niners lose, one would assume that Roman's second interview would be sometime next week.

If the Niners do continue on, it will be interesting to see if Spielman just lets him pass in favor of either Zimmer or Bowles. If he really wants to get a coach in place before the Senior Bowl, then he won't be able to wait until Super Bowl off-week to do a second interview with Roman, I don't think.

That's the latest on the Minnesota Vikings' coaching search. Be sure to check out Arif's incredibly detailed coaching primer for more information on all the potential candidates.