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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Bond Sale Delayed

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The sale of $468 million worth of bonds to fund the new Minnesota Vikings' stadium was set to take place on Monday and Tuesday, but has now been delayed thanks to legal action.

The challenge was filed with the Minnesota Supreme Court by former Minneapolis mayoral candidate Doug Mann. He says the bond sale is unconstitutional. He says a referendum should have been held to let Minneapolis voters decide whether to finance the stadium.

Yeah. . .not only has that horse already left the barn, but. . .well, I can't come up with a decent horse analogy right now. The point is that the stadium is still going to get built, and this is nothing more than the legislative and legal equivalent of threatening to hold your breath until you turn blue. Work has already started on the new stadium, and there are already contractors waiting to get paid for that work, as the article from KARE-11 points out.

The stadium bill is set in concrete, folks. Personally, I'd like to know how one would go about purchasing these bonds. I would like to make a contribution to this whole process if possible.