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Todd Bowles Removes Himself From Browns List

No word on if this will affect the Vikings pursuit of Mike Zimmer

Christian Petersen

Just a little while ago on Twitter, multiple sources confirmed that Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, one of two or three finalists for the Vikings job, has removed himself from consideration for the head coaching job for the Cleveleand Browns.

There has been little word out of Winter Park today, other than Mike Zimmer, presumed front runner, is there and is interviewing with the Vikings. I honestly have no idea if this move by Bowles means he has been asked to Minnesota for a second interview, is now a front runner for the Vikings job because there was something the Vikings didn't like about Zimmer, or he just flat out doesn't want the Browns job.

I would guess that it could be the latter...I mean c'mon, Cleveleand is a hot mess. But then again, if a guy wants to be a coach, you don't pre-emptively close doors, do you? This could mean something...or it could mean nothing. But Ben Goessling, the NFC North reporter for ESPN, isn't ruling anything out:

TL;DR: This could mean nothing...but it might mean a lot. You would think an announcement is coming any time now, one way or the other. Hope I cleared things up for you. We now return to Zimmer Watch.