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Norse Code Podcast #024: The Mike Zimmer Episode

All Mike Zimmer all the time! By all the time, I mean for the duration of the podcast.

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We're back and about the same as ever! Your latest, coach-related podcast, for your listening pleasure:

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  • Sounds like Miami linebackers coach George Edwards will be the defensive coordinator in Minnesota, but Schefter says several are being considered.
  • Browns OC Norv Turner looks to be the offensive coordinator in Minnesota.
  • There's a lot to be learned from Hard Knocks about Mike Zimmer
  • There are a number of reclamation projects in the secondary from Zimmer.
    • Reggie Nelson was drafted in the first round by the Jacksonville Jaguars and was traded to the Bengals for David Jones after missing 16 tackles and ranking 59th of all safeties by PFF. Now he ranks 18th
    • Adam Jones was the first defensive player drafted in 2005 by the Tennessee Titans, before getting on probation for a fight, then violating it later that same year. The next year he was arrested for marijuana possession (the charges were dropped) and was eventually charged for obstruction of justice. In April, his car was seized in a cocaine bust (though he was cleared) and in August-during training camp-he was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.
    • In October, he was cited for a misdemeanor for spitting in a student's face. In early 2007, Jones allegedly slammed the head of an exotic dancer on the stage of the club for collecting money he threw in the air. A guard intervened and Jones threatened the guard's life. After leaving, a member allegedly of Jones' entourage came back into the club and shot up the club. After once again getting connected to a drug dealer, he was suspended for a year by the NFL. During this suspension, he was arrested or sued five  times.
    • He was traded to Dallas, where he got into an altercation with a bodyguard at a hotel before he could be reinstated. His suspension was extended, but finally played for the Cowboys. He was released by the Cowboys shortly after. He signed with the Bengals, and hasn't made any trouble since and is a top-tier player.
    • Terence Newman made the Pro Bowl twice after getting drafted highly by the Cowboys, signed a massive contract and severely underperformed afterwards. He was released by the Cowboys in 2011 and picked up in 2012. Newman and Jones rank as the 29th and 33rd best corners of 110 by PFF.
  • Players love Mike Zimmer (as they did Leslie Frazier) and it's not because he's a "player's coach," but because he's consistent-which research shows to be indicative of team success.
  • I mentioned Mike Zimmer tee shirts. Here they are.

Player reactions!

Also, fan reactions have been great. Check out the Reddit thread for the Bengals.

Our guest was great! Be sure to follow him @Jake_NFL, read his stuff at Cincy Jungle or his Pro Football Focus analysis.

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