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So, There's A Metrodome Deflating Party Tomorrow

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Because, really, why wouldn't there be?

The roof of the Metrodome comes down. . .on purpose, this time. . .on Saturday starting at 11 AM Central time. Never wanting to miss an opportunity for a party, the folks from Hubert's Sports Bar and Grill are having a get together for folks to watch it all go down. They've dubbed the event "Dome-O Arigato."

(Seriously. . .like, one billion points for the name alone.)

Hubert's will be offering beer with prices reflecting those from 1982, when the Dome opened, $1 Dome Dogs, and "Roofless Burgers," served without a top bun. They'll also be selling pieces of the Metrodome roof for $1, as well as selling t-shirts commemorating the Dome's history. $1 from each of the t-shirts sold will go to benefit the NFL Alumni Minnesota Chapter - Caring for Kids Program.

If you can't make it to Hubert's, you can order one of the t-shirts online, and you'll get a free piece of the roof. You can learn more about that on the "Home Sweet Dome" Facebook page.

I really wish that I could make it out there for this. Sadly, I can't. . .but if you can, I hope you'll take the opportunity to do so.