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Adrian Peterson Considering Groin Surgery

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Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

The NFL's best running back didn't quite have the follow-up to his MVP season of 2012 that he wanted, and injuries had quite a bit to do with that. One of those injuries was to his groin, and we may now be getting an idea of exactly how serious that injury was.

According to a report from USA Today, Adrian Peterson is considering having surgery to repair that groin injury. The injury caused him to carry the ball just 18 times in the final four weeks of the 2013 season, including sitting out two of the final three games. Despite that, he managed to finish fifth in the National Football League in rushing, and score double-digit touchdowns for the seventh consecutive season.

The article notes that the groin had been an issue since November 17, but Peterson notched his two highest rushing yardage totals of the season in the two weeks after that game. He rushed for 146 yards against the Green Bay Packers and went for 211 yards the week after that against the Chicago Bears.

According to the article, the surgery that's being talked about would be minimally invasive, and would require about two months of rehabilitation. That would make Peterson a "go" for basically all of the Vikings' off-season program.

Finishing fifth in the NFL in rushing would be a big deal for most running backs. But, as we all know, Adrian Peterson is not "most running backs." I'm sure he's not happy with the way 2013 played out, and that he's going to be even more dangerous in 2014. I know I'm already looking forward to seeing it.