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Mike Priefer Issues Statement Denying Chris Kluwe Allegations


So, I decided to leave my computer and my hotel room here for seven or eight hours today, and apparently the Minnesota Vikings decided that would be a good time to cause the fecal matter to make full contact with the rotating ventilation device.

The big news, even bigger than Erin Henderson deciding it would be awesome to go out and get drunk and drive again (somebody get him the hell off my football team, please) was the bombshell that former punter Chris Kluwe dropped against the Vikings, specifically on special teams coach Mike Priefer.

Priefer has issued a statement to respond to the allegation made by Kluwe in his story. The statement, in its entirety, is as follows:

I vehemently deny today's allegations made by Chris Kluwe.

I want to be clear that I do not tolerate discrimination of any type and am respectful of all individuals. I personally have gay family members who I love and support just as I do any family member.

The primary reason I entered coaching was to affect people in a positive way. As a coach, I have always created an accepting environment for my players, including Chris, and have looked to support them both on and off the field.

The comments today have not only attacked my character and insulted my professionalism, but they have also impacted my family. While my career focus is to be a great professional football coach, my number one priority has always been to be a protective husband and father to my wife and children.

I will continue to work hard for the Minnesota Vikings, the Wilf family and all of our loyal fans.

(Thanks to Vikings' beat writer Chip Scoggins for providing the transcript of the statement.)

I'll be honest, folks. . .I'm still sort of processing all of this. As I said, I was away from the interwebs for most of the day today. But, from the number of comments that Ted's post about the subject has generated so far, this is obviously a pretty hot topic.

So there's your rebuttal from Mike Priefer. Color me crazy if you want, but I'm pretty sure that we haven't heard the last of all this.

(EDIT: The headline has been changed from "refuting" to "denying." In haste, I chose the wrong word. My apologies.)