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Minnesota Supreme Court Dismisses Doug Mann's Hissy Fit Lawsuit; Wilfare Nation Mourns

The next step for the anti-stadium crowd is to kick and scream and hold their breath, because they're all out of legal options.

Jared Allen gives a thumbs up to the latest legal challenge to the stadium.  Maybe.  Maybe not.
Jared Allen gives a thumbs up to the latest legal challenge to the stadium. Maybe. Maybe not.
Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

A little while ago, the Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed the latest challenge to the Minnesota Vikings stadium that is so getting built as we speak.

Doug Mann, perpetual Minneapolis mayoral candidate, activist, and serial litigator...allegedly...sued to have the sale of bonds stopped, because there was no voter referendum on the stadium. The lower court granted an injunction, and the Wilfare crowd breathed one last gasp of air. EDIT: There was no lower court injunction. The state of Minnesota voluntarily delayed the sale of the bonds until the Minnesota Supreme Court issued their ruling. My apologies on that.

And now, we're drinking the bitter, salty tears of said Wilfare crowd. Again. Because we can.

Quick lowdown: Mann contended in his lawsuit that the bond sale that the state of Minnesota is going to use to help pay for their cost of the stadium is unconstitutional because that decision to sell bonds was not put before the voters for a referendum.

In a 'per curiam' decision, which means 'we all agree on this and get your weak ass lawsuit out of here' (no really, THAT'S WHAT IT MIGHT KIND OF MEAN) The Supreme Court told Mann that basically, the Supreme Court is not the proper venue to file his lawsuit, but that a lower district court was the appropriate place. Unfortunately for Mann, he already tried that venue, and lost last Tuesday because he waited too long to file suit. Which is why he appealed to the Supreme Court. And lost. Again.

It seems like this is the last gasp for the anti stadium folks. They've tried every legal maneuver under the sun, and this seemed like their last best hope to stop the stadium. But they didn't. It's getting built, and there's not a damn thing they can do about it. Except, you know, go sit in the corner and hold their breath because they're really, really mad you guys. In all seriousness, with the Supreme Court ruling, and the lower courts already ruling against them, there seems to be nothing left legally that can be done to stop the stadium.

It's like the Wilfare crowd is the Washington Generals, and the Minnesota Court System is the Harlem Globetrotters.