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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 1/23

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We're getting closer to the end of another week, ladies and gentlemen. This is the off-week before Super Bowl XLVIII. . .but hey, at least there's the Pro Bowl, am I right?


Yeah, I know. But it's better than nothing. Maybe.

Since the last time we brought you an Open Thread. . .

-The National Football League is thinking about doing away with the point after touchdown. Good idea or bad idea?

-Could some members of the old Minnesota Vikings coaching staff be staying around to work with new coach Mike Zimmer?

From some other sources around the internet. . .

-There are people that are still. . .yes, still. . .whining about the Vikings getting a new stadium. (Our own Ted Glover is featured. . .not as one of the anti-stadium whiners, obviously.)

-Adrian Peterson is going to go ahead with surgery on his groin after all. Having a doctor do it, I mean. . .doing it on himself would just be weird.

-Some of the seats from the Metrodome are being repurposed for a high school stadium in Wells, Minnesota.

The rules of the Open Thread are the same as they've ever been, folks. . .no politics, no religion, no feeding of the trolls, and keep the bad language to a minimum/use the spoiler tags if you feel that you absolutely must curse.

Your musical selection for this Thursday.

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for this Thursday, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the rest of your day, and if anything comes down the pike about the Minnesota Vikings, we will have it here for you.