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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Bond Sale On Again For Monday

So, let's try this again, shall we?

After getting delayed two weeks thanks to a couple of folks throwing a right royal hissy fit and attempting to stand in the way of progress, the sale of bonds for the new Minnesota Vikings stadium will proceed on Monday. The bonds were originally supposed to go on sale back on 13 January, but that lawsuit caused the state to delay the sale until the case was heard by the Minnesota Supreme Court. That legal "challenge". . .such as it was. . .was given the smackdown this past week, and now things can proceed as normal.

Had the sale been delayed any longer, a lot of bad things could have resulted, including the opening of the stadium being delayed and, much more importantly, the folks that have already started on the destruction of the Metrodome not getting paid on time. With the state of Minnesota having one of the highest unemployment rates for construction workers in the nation, this project is a big opportunity for a lot of folks that haven't worked in a while to get back into the game.

To some folks, however, political capital and gamesmanship are just that much more important than the little people collecting a paycheck. Rest assured, such things don't reflect badly on stadium supporters.

With the sale being allowed to resume this week, it doesn't appear that any of those things will happen, and the NFL's greatest stadium is still on track to open for the kickoff of the 2016 season.