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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 1/27

It's your Monday Open Thread

Mondays can kiss my...oh, HELLO.
Mondays can kiss my...oh, HELLO.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another work week. Maybe some of you had last Monday off because of the holiday like this guy did, but now we're back to the five day drudgery...unless you're a student or a teacher of said student. If that's the case, and you live in the Midwest, there's a good chance you've got today off due to another Polar Vortex.

Since last we brought you an open thread:

We took a look at the Vikings player contracts for 2014, and did a little predicting on who might or might not be back.

I think it's safe to say Chris Kluwe and Mike Priefer aren't ever going to be BFF's. Ever. Never ever. On the bright side, at least we now have another off-season of off the field drama...said no Vikings fan ever.

On the stadium front, the state of Minnesota will begin their sale of bonds today to raise a portion of their monies owed towards the building of the most awesome stadium in the whole world. In an unrelated note, the six or seven diehard stadium protesters will be holding an anti-stadium something, somewhere, I'm sure. Key events will include foot stomping, breath holding, and screaming at the top of their lungs until they get their way. Which they so aren't.

From elsewhere across the Internet:

Team Rice beat Team Sanders in the Pro Bowl, 22-21. Not sure who really cares, with the exception of degenerate gamblers. The six or seven people who watched the game seemed impressed with the tweaks in the game to make it more interesting.

That's because, by a wide margin, the NFL is still the most popular sport in America, for the 30th year in a row. That's almost as impressive as Ohio State's dominance over Michigan in football.

The mothership recaps The Senior Bowl, which had some players Vikings draftniks were looking at pretty hard.

One QB at the Senior Bowl really hurt his stock. Like, more brand damage hurt than Pollos Hermanos probably suffered in the wake of the Gus Fring revelations.

So the Grammys were last night. I hate rap, not a big fan of Lorde ('cuz I'll never be a Roooooyyyaaaalllll---aaaand that song is now in your head all day. You're welcome), so I'd ask that you Cut Me Some Slack:

Yeah, it was the rock song of the year, too.

And with that, the beer light is on and the bar is open. We've got a fire going to keep out the chill, so let's stay warm. Remember the open thread rules: no politics, no religion, keep the f@$%&*ing swearing to a minimum or use the spoiler tag, and don't feed the trolls.

Enjoy your Monday, kids. Because we'll never be ROYYYYAAAALLLLLSSSS (Royals). You're welcome, hehe.