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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 1/28

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Your last Tuesday before any meaningful football games for a long time is today, and personally, I'd live to see a Polar Vortex meet a Nor'Easter and dump artic air and a foot of snow on New Jersey for the Super Bowl.

Why? Well, part of me would just like to watch the world burn (or freeze...whatever), part of me thinks football needs to be played in the elements, but part of me also thinks this would be a huge PR disaster for Roger Goodell, who I'm beginning to dislike on a Bud Selig level. If you want to bring elements and weather into the Super Bowl, let's play the games at the team with the best record of the two remaining teams. I'm pretty sure the Vikings win at least two Super Bowls if the NFL had done it that way. YES I'M STILL BITTER THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ASKING.

But since the NFL went 'neutral field', playing it in a stadium exposed to the elements is stupid, and I hope it blows up in Goodell's face and gives him frostbite. Since last we brought you an open thread:

Mark delivered an off-season plan, and it's a doozy.

Adrian Peterson vs. Robocop...who ya got?

The state of Minnesota and the the Vikings threw their hat in the ring and will bid to host Super Bowl, whoa OH OH OHHHHHHHHHH oh oh oh.

From elsewhere around the web:

Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press wants us to look on the bright side of the Vikings Super Bowl futility. I like Tomassen as a beat writer, but he can put this story in a shake and bake bag of kiss my ass. This is an open wound that will never be healed unti we win one, at least for fans like me that witnessed three of them.

So how much of an economic impact would hosting a Super Bowl bring to Minnesota? Depends on who you ask, but it's still substantial.

This happened a couple days ago, but I think we missed it, or at least I did. The Vikings have a new running backs coach.

For our musical selection today, we'll keep with the Grammys theme we started yesterday. Back in 1989, this song won the Grammy for song of the year, and producer Quincy JOnes has won 29 Grammys, tied with Allison Krause for most all time. The two main singers on this track have 30 Grammy awards between them, and this is one of my favorite all time songs:

Ray Charles has 20 Grammys, and Chaka Khan...Chaka Khan...Chaka Khan letmerockyouletmeloveyou Chaka Khan...sorry, force of habit there...Chaka Khan has 10 Grammys.

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open. Open thread rules remain the same: no religion, no politics, keep swearing to a minimum/use the electronic swear jar (spoiler text). And close the door, man. It's freaking cold out! I'm not paying to heat the whole neighborhood!