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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: All Bonds Sold

Ted touched on this briefly in today's Open Thread, but I thought it was a big enough deal where it merited its own story.

Yes, just a couple of days after they went on sale after being delayed, Minnesota Management and Budget announced that they have sold every penny of the $462 million in stadium bonds that will go towards financing the state's contribution to the project, as well as that of the City of Minneapolis.

Basically, this means that there really is nothing that can stand in the way of this project at the present time. Not frivolous lawsuits, not whining protest babies, not anybody. The men and women that will build the stadium (as well as the ones that have already started tearing down the Metrodome) will absolutely get paid, as they should. This also means that the Vikings are going to be in the state of Minnesota until the year 2046. Not in Los Angeles, not in London, and not anywhere else that mindless idiots thought it would be funny to suggest that they move to.

(If you're offended by that, then you're probably who I'm talking about.)

In any case, I'd like to send one more request and dedication (™ Casey Kasem) to all those folks out there who said the stadium would never get done, who attempted to stand in the way of it getting done, and were openly rooting for the NFL's best fans to lose their team.

And we can build this thing together
Standin' strong forever
Nothin's gonna stop us now. . .

Yeah, that's going to be in your head for the rest of the day. You're welcome.