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Norse Code Podcast Episode #026: End of Year NFL Awards, Super Bowl Preview, Mailbag

A two-hour podcast! Listen in parts or in whole, it should be just as tasty either way.

A two-hour podcast! Save it and listen on your way to work, or just listen at work (which seems to happen a lot). If you want to skip the end of year awards and go to the Super Bowl preview, head on over to timestamp 48:30.

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Download link here.

Episode Notes:

  • J.J. Watt is really, really good. Like, quite good. As in, worth $20 Million a year good.
  • Seattle really does have one of the best pass defenses of all time, after adjusting for era.
  • That article above lists distance from average for that league year as the ranking (which produces a good mix of eras). By the same measure, Denver's z-score is 2.89, which would land in the top five as well.
  • Seattle not only leads the league in yards in the air per attempt allowed, but YAC allowed -


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