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Cordarrelle Patterson and Adrian Peterson Named All-Pros

Yeah, this picture is awesome.
Yeah, this picture is awesome.
Adam Bettcher

The National Football League announced their All-Pro teams on Friday, and there were two members of the Minnesota Vikings were named to the squad.

As you'd probably expect. . .or, at least, you should by this point. . .Cordarrelle Patterson was named a first-team All-Pro as a kick returner. Patterson set a Minnesota Vikings' record for kickoff return yardage in a season in 2013, and was the only player in the NFL this year with multiple kickoff return touchdowns. He averaged 32.4 yards per return this past season.

Patterson is also the only rookie that was named a first-team All-Pro this season. But people should really keep overlooking him for the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. (Hope the sarcasm came through alright there.)

Somewhat surprisingly, Adrian Peterson was named as a second-team All-Pro at the running back position. In just fourteen games, Peterson still managed to finish fifth in the National Football League in rushing (and was just 22 yards short of finishing in the top 3). He finished with 1,266 yards on the season, the second-lowest total of his NFL career.

Congratulations to Adrian Peterson and Cordarrelle Patterson to being named to the NFL All-Pro Team!