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Give Us This Day Our Daily Thread, 1/31

We made it. It's Friday

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

It's Friday, the end of the work week. If we're not pushing 1,000 comments by noon, you people are in jobs you need to pitch and find one where you can slack off more. And hey, before we get to the news links, a request from the staff. And by the staff, I mean me:

I like GIF's as much as anyone. I like GIF's and pics of attractive women as much as any red blooded American, but this last week or so we're really starting to push the boundaries, and a few things I've scrolled across might as well have been NSFW. So, if you're going to post a pic, let's not make it a thong. If you're going to post a GIF, let's not make it one of two women making out. I'll be the first to admit there's kind of a gray area with some GIF's, but let's use this rule of thumb:

If your boss/significant other/mom/10 year old daughter were to walk by and the GIF you're about to post were on your computer screen and she saw it, would you potentially be in trouble/in the doghouse/embarrassed/stammering for some way to explain this while madly trying to close the web page? If you think there's a decent chance the answer to that would be 'yes', don't post it.

Okay? Okay. Thanks, folks. And if you see something you think is inappropriate, click on 'flag' to flag the comment. If it's really bad, send me an email and I'll make the call to delete it or not. I know this doesn't apply to like 99% of you fine folks, but let's throttle this back before it becomes an issue. This is a fan friendly and kid friendly site, or I like to think it is, so let's try and keep it that way.

Since last we brought you an open thread:

Eric picked his Super Bowl winner. And he's so desperate for friends he's offering free stuff to hang out with him. Or something.

From elsewhere around the web:

Jim Souhan is trying his best to kill my Mike Zimmer buzz. Because if Jim Souhan is miserable, by God, everyone else needs to be, apparently.

Leroy Hoard is struggling with health issues. This is a riveting read, and another cautionary tale of the toll the NFL takes on a the human body. When I was writing for LGHL, I did a piece on him about a year ago, and it highlighted how former teammate Robert Smith was helping him.

St. Francis of Bloomington feels that one's career shouldn't be defined by whether you won or lost a Super Bowl or three.

There was a 'Show Your Seahawks Pride Day' at an elementary school near Tacoma, WA yesterday. This little girl is my new hero and gives me hope for the future.

The playoffs did, in fact, affect the Vikings coaching search. I'm glad the Vikings got Mike Zimmer, and not one of the guys mentioned in the story.

We conclude Grammys week with one of my favorite groups describing my favorite day. Your 2001 Song of the Year:

Beer lights on, bar is open, and for those of you that don't believe in the Hair of the Dog, we have some industrial strength coffee brewing. I'd offer you an espresso, but Arif drank it. All of it. I'd avoid him, as he's a bit jumpy right now. Standard open thread rules remain in place, and let's stay away from NC-17 territory.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!