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Vikings Reportedly Reach Out To 49ers To Interview OC Greg Roman

Another NFL offensive coordinator's name has popped up in relation to the Vikings vacant head coaching position.


A little while after the names Mike Zimmer and Jay Gruden got thrown out as potential head coaching candidates, NFL Network's Albert Breer threw out another name:

If true, Roman might be more attracted to the Redskins job.  He has a QB in RGIII that has the same skillset as current 49ers QB and Green Bay killer Colin Kapernick, yet there's a couple of requirements that have to be met to interview assistants who are still in the playoffs. Thanks to David Fucillo from Niners Nation:

If a team is interested, they are allowed to interview the assistant in the days after the Wild Card round, but before the Divisional round commences. The interview has to take place in the city of the assistant's team. If they want to conduct a second interview, it cannot be until after the team is eliminated, or the bye week after the conference championship game, whichever comes first.

Other than a two year stint at Stanford, Roman has been in the NFL since 1995, and the offensive coordinator in San Francisco for three seasons.  He had to undergo quite a transition in skillset from Alex Smith to Kaepernick, but the 49ers went to the Super Bowl last year and are still in the playoffs this year, so he's doing something right.

The 49ers have been the 11th ranked scoring offense for his entire tenure, a remarkable string of consistency, and he is familiar with having a top running back in Frank Gore and how to utilize him.

But although he's been the architect of a top ten rushing attack in each season, San Francisco's passing offense, at least in terms of yards, has been near the bottom of the NFL in terms of yardage in each of the last three seasons, finishing 29th, 23rd, and 30th.  For a team that needs to develop a robust passing game, Roman has been unable to do that in San Francisco.

TL;DR: Roman can put points on the board and knows how to run the football, but his passing offenses have been pretty terrible overall.

Yay or nay?