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Zimmer Having "Minor Procedure"; Will Coach Sunday

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

EDIT: Numerous sources around the Twitter have reported that the issue that Coach Zimmer was dealing with was kidney stones. He's okay now and, as reported earlier, will be back with the team tomorrow to travel to Buffalo.

Minnesota Vikings' head coach Mike Zimmer was not at practice today, as he is undergoing a "minor procedure," according to team officials. Offensive coordinator Norv Turner was running practice today for the Vikings.

No word has been given on the nature of the procedure, but it was confirmed that Zimmer would be back with the team on Saturday and would coach the team when they face the Buffalo Bills on Sunday afternoon.

The 58-year old Zimmer is in his first season as the team's head coach, and has already had to deal with more than most coaches have to go through in several seasons, particularly concerning off-field issues. Thankfully, the issue with coach Zimmer isn't anything to worry about, apparently.

If you'd like, though, you can hit the link above there and get the story from Pro Football Talk, where you'll likely find an entire comment section full of people who are sad or downright angry that it isn't something terrible.