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FanDuel Week 7: Searching For Success

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Well, folks, I've tried pretty much everything, and have yet to find myself in the money in any of the leagues I've entered with our friends at FanDuel. So, I'm going to try something that should. . .repeat, should. . .help my chances a little bit. I'm going to enter a head-to-head league for $2. And, to borrow a famous phrase, I want my two dollars!

So, here's my lineup for this week's game.

QB - Joe Flacco (vs Atlanta) - $7,700
RB - Branden Oliver (vs Kansas City) - $7,400
RB - Ronnie Hillman (vs San Francisco) - $6,300
WR - Dez Bryant (vs New York) - $8,600
WR - Alshon Jeffery (vs Miami) - $7,900
WR - Golden Tate (vs New Orleans) - $6,700
TE - Heath Miller (vs Houston) - $4,900
K - Blair Walsh (at Buffalo) - $5,000
D - Arizona (vs Oakland) - $5,500

Hopefully yours truly can have a bounceback week and finally get myself into the money. . .granted, it won't be a lot of money or anything, but hey. . .at this point, I'm not about to be picky.

And, how much would it cost to field a team full of players from the Minnesota Vikings this week?

QB - Teddy Bridgewater - $5,700 (-$200 from last week)
RB - Matt Asiata - $6,100 (-$500)
RB - Jerick McKinnon - $5,900 (no change)
WR - Cordarrelle Patterson - $6,100 (-$300)
WR - Greg Jennings - $5,200 (-$100)
WR - Jarius Wright - $4,800 (+$300. . .why? I don't know.)
TE - Chase Ford/Rhett Ellison/MarQueis Gray - $4,500 (no change)
K - Blair Walsh - $5,000 (-$100)
D - Minnesota - $4,500 (-$300)

Total cost: $47,800 (down $1,200 from last week)

Members of the Vikings are getting a lot cheaper to pick up, which is good, I guess. . .of course, it's because the real Vikings offense hasn't been very good, which is bad.

So, the quest to get into the money in a FanDuel league continues. Let's see if this week is finally the one.