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Monday Open Thread

Relive the disaster, and other stuff

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

So the Vikes lost in the last second, literally, at Buffalo yesterday.  Cool story, bro. Let's not tell it again this season. because that story is old, sucks, and it doesn't have a happy ending.

Here's the SMR, which managed to find a couple silver linings in this cloudy ass season.

Fearles Leader is comfortably numb, as are most of us.

If you want to chew glass, here's a game recap.

Seattle traded Percy Harvin on Friday, in a stunning move. We take one last look back on that as it pertains to the Vikings.

You guys know the rules--no politics, no religion, no swearing/use the spoiler tags, no trolling, keep the GIF's PG.

Sorry this is late getting up, but it's Monday and everyone has the Mondays. No time for other links or music today. If you find anything interesting post it in the comments.

We'll try to be better tomorrow.