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Minnesota Vikings Invade Raymond James Stadium- Join The Horde!

I hate the Bucs soooo, so so so much.

This was on the second page for searching "Teddy Bridgewater". The first page was entirely pictures of him getting sacked. I'm not kidding.
This was on the second page for searching "Teddy Bridgewater". The first page was entirely pictures of him getting sacked. I'm not kidding.
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

If you are traveling to the Tampa Bay area for the Bucs game, or if perhaps you are a Vikings fan who already lives nearby, the Daily Norseman will be hosting both a tailgate and post-game party (either celebrating our victory or drowning our sorrows, however this works out). If you are attending the game, coordinating seats or whatnot is obviously a bit of a moot point now- of course I'm sure there are still some seats available and if some of you want to do that, knock yourselves out. I've personally got my seat and I ain't movin'. (And it's a good seat and it's sold out around me. No, I'm not trying to avoid you guys. OK, maybe some of you.)

I personally hate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a passion. Let's put it like this: take your hatred of the Green Bay Packers, and double that. No, I am not kidding. Here's a fun fact, by the way- ever since the divisional realignment took the Bucs out of the same division as us, we have not beaten them. It's also been pointed out that the Vikings have never won in Raymond James Stadium (and that includes the "1" in 1998's 15-1 record). You read that correctly. By the way, there's no excuse for that. It's not like the stadium is a hellhole to play in, nor are the fans particularly rowdy. So if Teddy Bridgewater and co. don't break that trend, be prepared for me soaking away a LOT of brain cells afterwards. It'll be fun! (Side note for those who joined me for the draft party- please ensure there is nothing I can hit my head on should I leap out of my chair at any point.)

Here's the details. We'll be setting up the pre-game tailgate at Al Lopez Park (parking is $10 per car, $15 per RV). I'll be setting up around 10:30/11am, and I'll give you a heads up now- don't expect a giant, super-awesome tailgate setup. I'd love to do it but, well. (That's it. Just "well".) If it helps to locate us, I'm including my phone number below (I screen my calls, so if you do reach out either text or be sure to leave a VM). (I know it's crazy to include my cell number here but I've done it before and it hasn't bit me in the ass yet.) (Which proves it's safe.) (PARENTHESIS!) If you'd like to bring any sort of food, feel free- I am sadly not the owner of a portable grill, so while I'll be bringing some brats and buns and chips (and beer), I can't exactly offer a full smorgasbord. And if you're capable of bringing a lawn chair feel free- I've got some, but they're going to be first come, first serve (and yes ladies get preference because I'm actually a gentleman, you heathens) (MOAR PARENTHESIS!). After the game, we'll be meeting up at Rick's on the River. It's a cool place about three miles away with pretty good food in case you're going to be hungry. It also has beer too. And hard liquor in case we lose. (If we lose, and you're not okay seeing a grown man turn into a sobbing child... well, you're on your own.) (ALL THE PARENTHESIS!!!!)

I know several of you have reached out on Twitter regarding joining in. Obviously, all Vikings are family on gameday and I'm not an ‘exclusionist' type guy regardless, so it's not like this is a Daily Norseman only party as it is; but again if you'd like to ensure coordination or whatnot, my personal email and cell phone number are below. Of course also feel free to reach out in the comments or via Twitter (@KJSegall if you somehow didn't know). Hope to see a bunch of ya there... I know Eric's joining in, as well as a few others. As a side note, if there are any adjustments necessary, I'll tweet them out as well as update this story until gameday, at which point any necessary tweaks (such as particulars on tailgating location) will only be tweeted out.

Contacting me:

Cell phone- (727) 385-3694