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Adrian Peterson Case: Motion To Remove Judge Denied

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With a trial looming for Adrian Peterson on charges of causing injury to a child, he and his defense team got a victory on Wednesday when a motion for the judge in the case to be removed was denied.

The Montgomery County District Attorney had petitioned to have Judge Kelly Case removed, stating that he was biased against the DA's office. Case had referred to Montgomery County DA Brett Ligon as a "media whore" in the past. Peterson's attorneys wanted to keep Case on the bench and argued that the DA had not met the standards for having the judge removed.

This is a positive for Peterson's side because, had the judge been recused from the case, the odds of Peterson's 1 December trial date holding up would have been next to zero. However, with Case being allowed to continue presiding over the matter, it appears that date is still on target.

Case can also now hear about the potential matter of Peterson's bond revocation, based on his admission that he "smoked a little weed" while he was taking a court-mandated drug test. (He admitted it during the test, not smoked the marijuana during the test. . .that would be a bit awkward, I would think.) No date has been set for that particular hearing.

So, based on what happened on Wednesday, it appears that Adrian Peterson's trial is still set to begin on 1 December. As always, we'll continue to have more on this matter as it develops.