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Minnesota Vikings Receive A Very Special Thank You

The thank you that Alex Loehlein sent to Mike Zimmer. Pretty awesome.
The thank you that Alex Loehlein sent to Mike Zimmer. Pretty awesome.
Minnesota Vikings Twitter Account

Once again, the Minnesota Vikings have done something pretty awesome that seems to have flown a bit under the radar. Let's do what we can to put it on the screen.

Last week, a young man named Alex Loehlein came to Winter Park to watch the Minnesota Vikings practice. Alex is 8 years old and suffers with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a fatal disease that has no cure. He collected autographs on a vintage helmet and, all in all, had a very good time watching his favorite team prepare to play.

A few days after, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer received a thank you note from Alex, and it's pretty much the cutest thing you're going to see all day. Here it is.

Alex's Thank You To Mike Zimmer

Here's what it says:

Dear Mr. Zimmer,

Thank you for letting me watch your practice last Saturday. It was fun. The players were nice to me and signed my Viking helmet. My grandpa said to expect good luck for you because you have used up all your bad luck already.

For Mike Zimmer's sake, and the sake of Alex and other Vikings fans everywhere, I certainly hope that his grandpa is correct.

Good on the Minnesota Vikings for having Alex at their practice last week. Just another example of the many good things that this franchise does that doesn't seem to get nearly as much press as the bad things.