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Everson Griffen Wins NFC Defensive Player Of The Month Award For October

The defensive end has been coming on strong, and capped a great month with his first monthly award

Cliff McBride

Starting DE Everson Griffen, who was the only player to record at least one sack in each of his team's games this month, was named the NFC Defensive Player Of The Month a short while ago, the team announced.

It's a major award, and indescribably beautiful. Not sure if it looks like the leg lamp, though. I hope it does, because that would be some sweet, glowing sex to display on the mantel, AMIRITE?

Griffen, who took over the starting right defensive end job from Jared Allen, lead all defensive linemen with 6 sacks and 20 tackles this past month, including a season high 3 sacks during a 17-16 loss at Buffalo. He's also been credited with six quarterback hits and 14 quarterback hurries, per Pro Football Focus.

Griffen was, arguably, the key player for the Vikings to re-sign this past off-season, electing to keep him and let his predecessor Allen walk. It was somewhat controversial at the the time, signing a five year, $42.5 million contract, with $20 million guaranteed. It was thought to be a pile of money for a guy that had been a backup to that point in his career, but it looks like it's starting to pay big dividends for the Vikings, and Griffen.

The last player to win this award for Minnesota was, ironically...Jared Allen, who did it in October of 2011. Allen, who is now starting for the Chicago Bears, has two sacks...and was NOT named the NFC Defensive Player of the Month. Just sayin'...

Congratulations to Everson Griffen on his achievement, and we hope that's just the first of many.