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Minnesota Vikings Release Statement On Adrian Peterson

Bob Levey

The Minnesota Vikings have just released a statement regarding the status of running back Adrian Peterson. Here, in its entirety, is that statement.

In regards to Adrian Peterson's status with the Minnesota Vikings, at this time his potential reinstatement is under NFL guidelines. As an organization, we respect and understand the league's process. In the interim, our focus is on the team and preparing for this weekend's game against the Bears.

Part of me says that they're willing to let the legal process play out, because that's really all they can do.

The more skeptical side of me thinks that they're saying that they're willing to let the legal process play out because it continues to keep the heat off of them for the time being.

As I stated yesterday, I don't know what direction the Minnesota Vikings are going to go with Adrian Peterson when the league decides what it's going to do with him. But the league is burning daylight here, and has the real spectre of a grievance from the NFLPA staring at them if they don't do something fairly soon.

EDIT: From today's press conference just moments ago.