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Adrian Peterson Hearing Scheduled For November 17

Bob Levey

Well, it doesn't look like Adrian Peterson is going to be available for the Minnesota Vikings' game against the Chicago Bears this weekend.

Per numerous sources, though I'm pretty sure I saw Jay Glazer come out with it on the Twitter first, Adrian Peterson's hearing with the National Football League is scheduled for 17 November. . .which is Monday, the day after the Vikings' trip to Soldier Field.

Because the NFLPA filed an expedited grievance, the hearing has to be held within seven days of filing, per the Collective Bargaining Agreement. And, in conjunction with that, a decision must be made within five days of the hearing.

Now, on Monday the Vikings will have six games left in their season. If the league decides that Peterson is going to be suspended for six games for what he's done. . .well, you can do the math on your own there. Of course, Ian Rapoport reported over the weekend that the suspension would likely be less after some discussions between the league and the Players Association.

But, it appears that the absolute earliest that Peterson could be reinstated would be Saturday, 22 November, which is the day before the Vikings host the Green Bay Packers at TCF Bank Stadium. After that? Well, at this point, nobody knows for sure.