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Minnesota Vikings Power Rankings Roundup, Week 11

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Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

With the Minnesota Vikings getting a week off, you probably wouldn't expect a whole lot of movement from them in the Power Rankings across the league. But while there were some that held the Vikings steady while they had the week off, those outlets that did move them moved them in an upward direction, which is pretty nice.

Here is the data from this week's rankings in numerical form.

Average Ranking (Number of Rankings) 21 (8)
Average Change from Last Week +.875
Highest Ranking (Source) 20 (Fox Sports/Kirwan)
Lowest Ranking (Source) 23 (Prisco)
Biggest Positive/Smallest Negative Change (Source) +3 (Yahoo!)
Largest Negative/Smallest Positive Change (Source) +/-0 (4 different sources)

And here it is in chart form.

Minnesota Vikings Power Rankings Week 11

For some reason, I am unable to make the chart embiggenable this week. I'm not totally sure why that is.

I'm debating whether to keep including the numbers in here after all, because man does it take them forever to do anything relating to Power Rankings over there. . .and last week's was in a video. A video, I say!

So, what's being said about the Vikings around the league? Here's the roundup.

SB Nation: 21st (Last week: 21st)

No team-specific commentary N/A (Last week: 22nd)

Whenever, I guess.

Yahoo! Shutdown Corner: 21st (Last week: 24th)

It was a risk when the Vikings gave such a big contract to defensive end Everson Griffen this offseason. They banked on talent over a track record. With nine sacks, it's clear the Vikings were right.

USA Today: 21st (Last week: 22nd)

They've effectively tread water with Adrian Peterson away. Now they might be on the cusp of an opportunity to swim. 21st (Last week: 21st)

Yet another bye-week team in the Vikings, who might be developing the most inexperienced backfield in the league. Teddy Bridgewater is a rookie, obviously. Ditto Jerick McKinnon. And Matt Asiata had all of 47 career rushing attempts coming into this season. While being cognizant that youknowwho could potentially come back, it's OK to be pleased with the guys the organization is breaking in. Just a thought.

Fox Sports: 20th (Last week: 20th)

The Vikings are rumored to be interested in welcoming Adrian Peterson back to the team, and it's pretty obvious that he would take a huge burden off of Teddy Bridgewater's shoulders.

ESPN: 21st (Last week: 23rd)

Minnesota has a plus-5 turnover margin in the past three games (minus-5 in the first six). Based on Chicago's Sunday night performance, there's a chance that improves.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: 23rd (Last week: 23rd)

The final seven games of the season are about Teddy Bridgewater's growth.

Pat Kirwan, CBS Sports: 20th (Last week: 22nd)

The Viking were on a bye last week but they continue to impress with a rookie quarterback and an underrated defense. The future looks very bright for the Vikings with guys named Bridgewater, Barr and Griffin.

Griffen, Mr. Kirwan. . .with an "e."

So, the Vikings are inching up ever so slightly in the rankings, and they might even be. . .and I hope you're sitting down for this. . .garnering some respect from some of the "experts" out there. I'm not certain how long it will last, but it sure is nice for now.