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Carl Picks The Vikings Again

For the second time this season, the Minnesota Vikings are the pick of everyone's favorite next door neighbor. Well, my favorite next door neighbor, in any event.

Yes, Carl Brutananadilewski, the man who lives next to those crazy. . .ummmm, folks. . .that comprise the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, has made the Minnesota Vikings his Stone Cold Lock of the Century (of the Week) for their Week 11 matchup against the Chicago Bears.

This particular video really shouldn't offend anybody, except possibly Bears fans. He talks about Jay Cutler and the fact that the Bears appear to be "hibernating for the winter," as well as wishing that more people would replace the word "the" with the word "da."

Hopefully the Vikings can have as much success this time as they did the last time Carl picked them for his Stone Cold Lock. That was Week 1 against the St. Louis Rams, a contest that saw the Vikings romp to a 34-6 victory to start the 2014 season.