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Ruling In Adrian Peterson Case Could Come By Wednesday

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Yesterday afternoon, the grievance filed by Adrian Peterson and the NFLPA to remove Peterson from the Commissioner's Exempt list was heard by conference call. Per the rules of the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement, a ruling on the matter must come down within five days of the hearing.

According to Pro Football Talk, it doesn't sound like it's going to take that long.

Mike Florio is reporting that the decision from arbitrator Shyam Das could come as early as Wednesday. At that time, we will know whether or not Peterson is eligible to come off of the list and, potentially, practice with the team for the first time since early September.

Now, this grievance has nothing to do with a potential suspension from the National Football League, but there will likely be something coming down on that front as well.

Meanwhile, the NFL has taken no action against Peterson under the personal conduct policy. Multiple reports indicated that the league would be suspending Peterson on Monday as punishment for his no-contest plea on misdemeanor assault charges in Texas. The league's failure to act invites speculation that the parties could be engaged in discussions aimed at resolving Peterson's status.

Obviously, this is something that we'll be keeping an eye on going forward.