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Street Near New Stadium To Be Named After Bud Grant

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

There hasn't been a street in the Twin Cities named after anyone that's ever coached for the Minnesota Vikings. However, when the new stadium opens in 2016, people traveling to see the Vikings will do so by taking a street named after the only one of those coaches that, really, actually deserves it.

The City of Minneapolis announced on Monday that the stretch of Ninth Avenue South, between Sixth and Seventh Streets, would be renamed Bud Grant Way in honor of the Vikings' coaching legend. Grant, who seemed to be impressed with the idea, also retained some of his trademark stoic demeanor when being informed of the news.

"It's a great honor," Grant said. "It's very humbling to have that happen. We'll see if it's a good street."

Bud Grant Way will replace Rod Carew Drive, which was named after the former Minnesota Twins' Hall of Famer but has been relocated to a spot closer to the Twins' new home at Target Field.

A dedication ceremony is scheduled for 1 December. . .a full 11 days before the Minneapolis City Council takes a vote on the matter. But the vote is largely considered a formality because, seriously, what kind of idiot is going to vote against something like this?

Coach Grant had a statue of himself dedicated in his pre-Vikings stomping grounds of Winnipeg this past season. You would think that it's only a matter of time before there's one in front of the new stadium, too. And when it does happen, it will probably be overlooking Bud Grant Way.

Congratulations to Coach Grant on yet another honor for his life and career.