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Adrian Peterson Suspended For Remainder Of 2014 NFL Season

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports


I can't imagine that this is going to go by without an appeal. I would think that's the next step, anyway.

The conference call for Peterson potentially coming off of the Commissioner's Exempt list was conducted via conference call yesterday. I would assume that this suspension means that Peterson is off the list. . .at least, my interpretation of the rules says that Peterson has to come off of the list before any sort of punishment can be handed down.

From here, as I said, I assume the NFLPA appeals this ruling. I'm sure that there are people that have far more knowledge on this matter than I do that will be clarifying things here in short order.

But, for now, the story is that running back Adrian Peterson has been suspended without pay by the National Football League for "at least" the remainder of the 2014 NFL season.

EDIT: A few clarifying tweets on the matter.

Another Edit: Peterson and the NFLPA will be appealing to a neutral arbitrator. No word yet on when that hearing will take place:

Yet another edit: Peterson has appealed to a neutral arbitarator. He is now BACK on the Commissioner's Exempt List:

YET ANOTHER EDIT: The Vikings have released a statement on this. It reads as follows:

The NFL has informed the Vikings of today's decision regarding Adrian Peterson. We respect the league's decision and will have no further comment at this time.

One final note: I'm going to be a little heavy handed in monitoring and hiding comments. The bannings will be minimal, but I don't want this getting out of hand. When you disagree with an opinion expressed, don't be disagreeable when doing so. Thanks for your patience, and if you don't like it, we can talk about you going on the Exempt list. I'll hear your appeal tomorrow. ITHAT'S A JOKE, PEOPLE!!--  Ted

UPDATE THE 10 MILLIONTH: The arbitrator in Peterson's grievance case has ruled that the NFL was justified in keeping Peterson on the Exempt List.  So any hope that he might have been able to play while his suspension was in appeal, is now officially gone.  He more than likely will not play this season, as he is back on the Exempt List during appeal and he will continue to to get paid while he is in the process of appeal.  -CCNorseman