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Daily Norseman Mailbag #7

Responses to questions that readers have tweeted to #DNMailbag.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Ohhhhh my. What a freaking week this has been in Vikingland. As much as I don't like to be "that guy/girl".... I did try to tell people that AP had taken his last snap as a Viking. I don't have inside information. I just think I've been good at reading the environment. This situation works for the Wilfs because they don't have to cut/trade AP this season (which would piss off a lot of fans), they don't have to piss off sponsors by bringing him back, and they don't have to pay him. Who do you think Goodell works for? The owners.

I would like to go on record as saying that I believe the NFL and Roger Goodell are making an example out of AP and any infractions similar to this in the future will result in similar punishment. The Ray Rice backlash was a huge wake up call to the league. They royally botched that for sure, and AP is paying for that. However, I stand by the fact that the Vikings needed to part ways with him and I do believe he needed to be suspended without pay for the season. Again, my personal opinion only. Which I'm entitled to, just as much as the person who insists AP had been punished enough missing all of the games up to this point, while still collecting a paycheck.

That being said.... it's onto the DN Mailbag for this week:

From @tpodoll1:
How did Goodell rise to such a prominent position while being completely without a brain?

I'd like to thank Troy for the easiest question of the week. The reason Goodell has risen to the ranks that he has is because he has proven himself willing to be a total bobo for the owners. He's willing to sell his soul to do their dirty work and they are very appreciative of this fact.

Also from Troy:
Please give your best uneducated guess at vikings draft slot in next draft. Also what position.

Oy vey, Troy. I'm not sure where they will draft next year. I do, however, think they need to take a hard look at the atrocious offensive line and do something about it.

From @nickasun:
Favorite location to watch the game? Home, Friend's house, Tailgating party, Bars or at the game?

Well, Nick. I'm rather profane while watching the game, so it's generally better for me to be in a room all by myself watching the game. But that's no fun. I prefer to watch with my friend Howard or my husband. They don't judge my language. Probably because they're just used to it.

Also from Nick:
Favorite Football movie?

This is a fairly easy one for me. "Remember the Titans". I own it and have watched it dozens of times. Second place would go to "Brian's Song". Yeah, I'm a little old school sometimes. Shut up with the old lady jokes.

‏From @McInerney19:
Does the #NFL have backup ball boys? How tall are the field goals post? When is the next open tryout?

Well, Mike. I have no idea if they have backup ball boys. If they were backup ball girls, they wouldn't need backup. Just sayin'. According to the NFL regulation rule book, the goal posts must be 18 feet, 6 inches wide and the top face of the crossbar must be 10 feet above the ground. Also, the next open tryout should be soon when they figure out that Ben Tate is NOT the answer at RB. I think you should give it a shot. Or maybe try out for OT. God knows you couldn't be worse than Kalil at this point.

From my dear friend @AndyCarlsonShow:
Was Rudolph rusty on Sunday or was he shaking in his boots because Chase Ford is comin'?

Of course he was rusty. And he laughs at the ridiculousness of your assertion that Chase Ford is "comin'". For that matter, so do I. Thanks for the question though.

From @FauxPaulAllen:
@DiMurphyMN how about scooping up Lynch next year for RB if he's let go from Seattle?

First.... your avi is creepy as hell. I just want you to know that it has given me nightmares. Second, I'm not sure I'd want to see Lynch on the team simply because he's a head case and a locker room cancer. That being said, we need a star running back until McKinnon can develop more. I don't hate the idea. I don't really love it, either.

From @HaugenND:
On a scale of T. Williamson to R. Moss where does Patterson end up?

Somewhere in between. I think Patterson has the talent to be Moss-like. But he also lacks what I consider to be a strong work ethic. He frequently runs lazy routes or just plain quits on them. Not exactly the kind of thing you hope to see in a potential WR superstar. At least Randy waited until he went HAM before pulling that crap.

‏From @nickbyrnegolf:
What would you like to see from the Vikings in the coming weeks to deem the season successful?

I would like to see them continue to make progress on both sides of the ball. I want to see Teddy work on the deep ball and for Norv Turner to open up that playbook a little for this kid. I'd like to see Matt Kalil benched if he can't figure out how to play his position and for Anthony Barr to not have a repeat of last week's performance for the rest of the season.  I also need to see Patterson develop a stronger work ethic. He quits on his routes far too frequently. I wasn't convinced they'd make the playoffs, so I'm not going to hold that as a standard to consider this season a success. Making progress is enough for me this season.

The weird random question of the week goes to: @Wardminny10:
Would you give CPR to a smelly homeless person?

Yes, I would. As long as I could remember how to do CPR.

From @matthewkrier:
Josh Robinson obviously struggled against the big tall WRs of Chicago, but with Green Bay running more of a rhythm passing game, is there a chance for him to redeem himself this Sunday?

Let me just say that Josh Robinson was seriously overmatched covering Brandon Marshall last week. His positioning really wasn't bad throughout most of the game. His footwork wasn't the best I've ever seen, however and he was at a serious disadvantage in the height department and the Bears exploited that all day long. I think this week does give Robinson a better chance to play like he's played through most of this season.

And with that.... I'm out. Thank you for all of the questions. There were a couple I couldn't get to that I'm saving for next week, so don't get mad at me if I didn't answer yours this week.