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FanDuel Week 9: Cha-Ching!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, folks, it finally happened. After seven weeks of being on the outside looking in, yours truly finally found himself "in the money" in a league at In my 50/50 league for Week 8, I wound up in 36th place, and my $2 entry fee wound up turning into $3.60. . .that's $1.60 of PURE PROFIT, BABY.

(Hey, don't laugh. . .I had $50 in my account to start the season, and have lost just about half of it. I'll take whatever I can get.)

This week, I'm in a regular FanDuel league, but it's one that's labeled a "Quintuple Up." Basically, there are 335 entries, and the top 60 players will get five times their entry fee. Can I get lucky in consecutive weeks?

Well, here's the lineup I'll be fielding in order to give it a try.

QB - Russell Wilson (vs Oakland) - $8,600
RB - Jamaal Charles (vs New York Jets) - $9,000
RB - Jerick McKinnon (vs Washington) - $6,300
WR - Steve Smith (at Pittsburgh) - $7,200
WR - DeAndre Hopkins (vs Philadelphia) - $6,900
WR - Martavis Bryant (vs Baltimore) - $6,300
TE - Vernon Davis (vs St. Louis) - $5,700
K - Blair Walsh (vs Washington) - $4,900
D - Minnesota (vs Washington) - $4,900

I managed to leave $200 of salary on the table, but I think I've set up a pretty solid team for this week's action. I'm going to keep getting McKinnon cheap for as long as I can (because I don't think it's going to last much longer).

So, how much would it cost you to field an entire team of Minnesota Vikings players on FanDuel this week?

QB - Teddy Bridgewater - $5,900 (up $500 from last week)
RB - McKinnon - $6,300 (+500)
RB - Matt Asiata - $5,700 (-$200)
WR - Cordarrelle Patterson - $6,300 (+300)
WR - Greg Jennings - $6,000 (+500)
WR - Jarius Wright - $4,900 (-$100)
TE - Chase Ford - $5,000 (+$500)
K - Walsh - $4,900 (-$200)
D - Minnesota - $4,900 (+$200)

Total - $49,900 (up $2,000 from last week's total of $47,900)

Even with sort of a weak offensive performance from the Vikings last weekend, the value of their players has still managed to go up. I'm not sure if that's more of a function of what they've done on the field or what FanDuel thinks of the team's chances this weekend.

So, hopefully I've put together a good enough team to find myself cashing in two weeks in a row. How is everyone else faring on FanDuel so far?