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Schefter: Adrian Peterson Plea Deal Could Come As Early As Tuesday

Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the beginning of the saga that has been the Adrian Peterson child injury story, people have been calling for everyone to just "let the legal process play out."

Well, if what ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting is true, that process may be playing out a whole lot sooner than anyone could have expected.

Peterson is set to have a hearing on Tuesday, and it appears that that may be the final step of the entire process if Schefter's report is true. Obviously, no terms of the deal have been released yet.

If Peterson were to take a plea deal, the burden of what to do with him would, presumably, shift to the National Football League. Only Roger Goodell can remove Peterson from the exempt list that he's currently on, and it has been said that Peterson could face some sort of discipline even without a conviction in this matter. If he were to plead guilty to a lesser charge, the NFL would almost certainly take some sort of action against him.

Obviously this is something that we will be keeping an eye on over the next couple of days. . .and, hey, at least now we have something to talk about during the bye week, am I right?