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Vikings/Bears Game To Be Moved From FOX to CBS

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time, the Minnesota Vikings have been subjected to the new rules that not only allows games to be flexed between time slots, but between networks as well.

The league has just announced that the Week 11 contest between the Vikings and the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field will be broadcast on CBS rather than on FOX. The kickoff time remains the same (noon Central time), but the channel is now different.

Ordinarily, games are broadcast by the network of the road team's conference. That's why when the Vikings host an AFC team, the games are usually shown on CBS. However, thanks to new rules this year, games can be flexed between networks, and that's why this all-NFC affair will be broadcast on CBS instead.

No word on the rationale of moving the game to CBS. . .just that the game has been moved.

This means that we'll also get a set of announcers that we likely aren't familiar with, but there obviously isn't any word on who that is yet.

Again, the Week 11 game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears will now be on CBS at noon Central time on Sunday, 16 November.