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Weather Issues About To Affect Another NFL Team

John Normile/Getty Images

We're approaching the four-year anniversary of the collapse of the roof at the Metrodome, which took place on the morning of December 12, 2010. That afternoon, the Minnesota Vikings were supposed to host the New York Giants. The Giants' team plane got stuck in Kansas City due to the weather in Minneapolis, and after the roof collapse, the game ultimately wound up being moved to Detroit and played on a Monday night.

Now, it looks like another NFL team is going to be displaced due to weather issues.

In case you haven't seen the news in the past couple of days, it's snowing like a beast in upstate New York right now. The team that's being affected is a team that the Vikings have battled against the year, the Buffalo Bills.

According to Adam Schefter, not only will the Bills' game against the New York Jets on Sunday be relocated, but it appears that the Bills might have difficulty getting Ralph Wilson Stadium ready for their game against the Cleveland Browns ten days from now.

The Vikings wound up playing home games at Ford Field in Detroit, as well as at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis (before the heating coils were put in under the field, which had players questioning exactly how safe that idea was). Locations that are being discussed for the Bills' game (at least this weekend) are Detroit (again), Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C.

From someone that's watched his team go through something like this before, I hope the snow stops up in Buffalo and that the Bills can get things back in order relatively quickly.

EDIT: And, obviously, this goes without saying.