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Sign Up For The Daily Norseman's FanDuel League!

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So, you've heard me talk about FanDuel on a weekly basis over the course of this season so far, and I'm not sure how many folks have gotten involved with it, but here's a chance for you to do battle with your fellow Daily Norseman readers.

Yes, the folks from FanDuel have set up a league just for DN readers for this weekend's action. All you have to do is follow this link and you will make your way to the league.

The entry fee for the league is $5, and there is room for 55 players in all. The prize structure is as follows:

1st: $50.00
2nd: $40.00
3rd: $35.00
4th: $30.00
5th: $25.00
6th: $20.00
7th - 8th: $15.00
9th - 10th: $10.00

The prize pool is guaranteed, so if we don't get 55 people into the league, the full prize pool ($250) will still be in play.

Every game for this weekend will be on the table, with the exception of tonight's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders.

I mean, seriously. . .if you join the league, there's a very good chance that you're going to at least finish in a higher spot than I will. Because we know damn well that I can't win at these things.

So, once again, if you follow this link right here, you can get in on the Daily Norseman's FanDuel league for Week 12 of the 2014 NFL season. I hope to see a lot of folks jumping into the pool on this one, and the best of luck to everyone that joins!