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An Important Anniversary In Minnesota Vikings History

Even with all of the other things that have been going on with the Minnesota Vikings recently, I can't believe we missed something as major as this. I'd like to thank Michael Rand for bringing it to our attention.

Yesterday, 5 November, marked the 25th anniversary of the Minnesota Vikings' 23-21 victory over the (then) Los Angeles Rams at the Metrodome. The score doesn't sound like a terribly out of the ordinary NFL score, until you take a look at the boxscore and see how the Vikings scored their points.

The Vikings got 21 points courtesy of 7. . .yes, seven. . .Rich Karlis field goals, with the majority coming from relatively short distances. To be exact, Karlis' field goals were from 20, 24, 22, 25, 29, 36, and 40 yards, as the Vikings' offense fell apart inside the red zone on numerous occasions. The game went into overtime, and the Vikings won when Mike Merriweather blocked a Rams' punt that went out of the end zone for a safety.

Because of the Vikings' offense sputtering in the red zone on so many occasions, the wrath of the fans came down largely on offensive coordinator Bob Schnelker, including Schnelker getting a sizeable quantity of beer dumped on his head as the team retreated to the locker room after the game.

And from that came the real reason that this is an important day in Minnesota Vikings' history. . .because the combination of those things gave us the greatest post-game rant in the history of the league. Better than Jim Mora's "PLAYOFFS!?" rant. . .better than Denny Green imploring us to "crown their asses". . .Minnesota Vikings' head coach Jerry Burns set the bar by which all other post-game tirades shall be measured.

And his team won the game.

I mean, any excuse we have to post Burnsie's rant is a good one, but it's actually a special occasion for it this time. This is the "uncensored" version, so there's a whole lot of bad language involved and you might want to avoid watching it at work.

Other than that, sit back. . .once again. . .and enjoy. And we're sorry that we got this out there a little bit late. I don't know who to blame for it, but is sure isn't f***ing Schnelker.