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Report: League Rejected Immediate Reinstatement For Adrian Peterson

Bob Levey

In an interesting report that has just come across from Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports, the National Football League rejected Adrian Peterson's attempt at an immediate reinstatement following his pleading "no contest" to misdemeanor reckless assault on Tuesday.

Per Garafolo's report.

The NFL rejected an attempt by Adrian Peterson's camp for immediate reinstatement following his plea agreement on Tuesday and refused to engage in discussions regarding a settlement over his playing status, two sources informed of the discussions told FOX Sports.

Peterson's camp, which included the NFL Players Association, his agent Ben Dogra and his lawyer Rusty Hardin, kept the NFL informed of the progress of plea-deal discussions to let Roger Goodell and other league executives know an agreement was imminent, the sources said. Short of immediate reinstatement, Peterson's camp hoped to at least come to an understanding on what the Minnesota Vikings running back would need to do in order to be return to the field and how quickly that could occur.

The sources said the NFL executives made it clear a decision on Peterson's status would be forthcoming, and the league would inform Peterson at that point.

Well, that doesn't sound terribly promising for the Peterson camp. . .and, by extension, the Minnesota Vikings.

To this point, there hasn't been any real timetable set for when the league will decide on Peterson's status. Seeing something like this, though, has to make one a little less optimistic about there being some sort of "time served" scenario that might allow Peterson to avoid further suspension. You would think that, if that was the case, the league could have let him back immediately.

If anything further breaks on this story, we will have more on it here.